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Monday, February 22, 2021

What Does Admission to An Addiction Treatment Program Look like?

When beginning the admissions process at a treatment center, our goal is to relieve any concerns you may have before getting started. Suppose you decide to pursue recovery from substance addiction. In that case, we always recommend calling to speak in person with a member of our team at The Haven for a more intimate conversation about recovery. 


Speak out and be heard by one of our Recovery Advisors today at 805.202.3440.


So what does admission to The Haven at Pismo look like? What can you expect when you arrive? 


Getting To Know You

First, we want to get to know why you are here. You will share your story with our compassionate, experienced intake coordinators, who will evaluate your personal and medical needs to place you in the best possible treatment program. It is essential to be honest and truthful when working with your intake coordinator. 


Addiction and co-occurring disorders are complex, and recovery success requires a tailored approach that considers many factors: your health history, substance abuse history, the severity of the addiction, and lifestyle preferences.


Unfortunately, please note that we cannot accept MediCal, CenCal, Medicaid, or Medicare policies.


Getting To Know Us

We want to make sure you understand the compassionate care we provide by making a few things clear for the beginning of your journey:

  • We begin with each patient from a position of trust and respect and remain non-punitive. At The Haven, we show reverence for each patient as a valuable human being worthy of dignity and respect in all that we say and do. We treat all patients with unconditional kindness and compassion.

  • We have built our community culture on respect. We do not confront, accuse, or demean patients or label them according to their illnesses. Rather than patients being “addicts,” we see them as human beings who live with the disease of addiction.

  • We know it takes a positive climate of safety and trust for patients to be open and honest. We recognize that patients cannot recover in an environment of fear. We do not discharge patients automatically only because they stop taking their medications or continue to use substances.

  • We do not facilitate drug testing in a punitive or shaming way. We do, however, understand that patients benefit from continuous monitoring for drug use, as addiction flare-ups and acute exacerbations of signs and symptoms of addiction are common. We affirm the need for drug testing to help confirm the status of a patient’s recovery. We believe this process facilitates recovery by guiding more effective treatment.

  • We recognize honesty as a critical component of recovery. Other treatment requirements include a genuine desire to improve one’s life and not harming others. To this aim, we expect our patients not to jeopardize others’ healing, responsibly attend and engage in the treatment, advocate for their needs, take responsibility, obey the law, and show concern and respect for others’ rights and well-being.

Admissions Process

If our Central California Coast recovery program appears to be a good fit for your needs, we immediately begin the admissions process. We know that your commitment to this choice is essential, and we want you to start as soon as you can. 


To get you complete this process in a quick and organized way, the steps you will follow include:

  • Intake. During intake, your team member at The Haven gathers information about current health and substance use habits to determine the appropriate placement for you. We also discuss your insurance coverage and begin the benefits verification process to determine what services your insurance provider will cover. While most insurance companies offer some form of coverage for drug or alcohol treatment, benefits vary from state to state and plan to plan. To help you focus on the other aspects of treatment, we handle insurance authorizations and discuss payment plan options if self-payment is necessary. Our team will help you solve your financial concerns as best as possible to help you focus on recovery. 

  • Assessment. Our detailed admission screening may include clinical and psychosocial evaluations to place you in the correct level of care. This assessment helps our team better understand the hurdles you will need to overcome while in recovery to recognize challenges and provide extra support. Our goal is to make this process simple and hassle-free so that you can begin detox or rehab as quickly as possible.

  • Admittance. Once we have determined insurance coverage, discussed and reviewed payment options, we arrange transportation and welcome you to our detox facility, evidence-based residential homes, or outpatient program. We have a packing list that you can use to help prepare for your stay with us. Clients of The Haven at Pismo enjoy the California state-of-the-art treatment in a safe, serene setting.

  • Transportation. While we do not sponsor the cost of transportation, we do help coordinate the necessary transport, whether by plane, train, or automobile, to ensure your expedient and safe arrival at The Haven. Again, we know how important it is to begin, so we want to make sure you can get here to get started.


Begin Your Reawakening Today

Although there is no pressure to enter our program after the admissions process is complete, there is no better time to seek reawakening. Over time, substance abuse takes an irreparable toll on your health, family, career, and relationships. 


Located on California’s Central Coast, our private, premier addiction recovery facility welcomes adults of every age and walk of life to begin again: living life in freedom from drugs or alcohol. Reach out to a Recovery Advisor today at 805.202.3440.