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Monday, February 15, 2021

Holistic Remedies for Men’s Health You May Not Know

Trends in holistic health are continuing to spread in this time of increased self-health awareness. As many people look to more natural ways to improve their quality of life, holistic remedies are being explored once again. Throughout history, many cultures have records of natural, plant medicine, and lifestyle based remedies. These “old or authentic” techniques are newly being integrated into modern health practices and daily lifestyles. For holistic men’s health, mental health, and treatment elements - there are some remedies that you may not yet be aware of.

While contemporary society has reinvigorated holistic health methods in droves lately, the industry has been expanding upon what we already know about holistic health and men’s health to bring a new era. Many holistic health remedies date back generations and have held up to the test of time. With respect to your unique situation, always speak with your doctor before implementing a change that could affect your overall health.

Eat Foods Right for You

Since childhood we have all heard “You are what you eat”, but truth be told - food is a key element in overall health and when dealing with specific conditions or situations. Humans have been adapting their diet for optimal functioning since the dawn of time, and the link between consumption and health is undeniable. When
using food as a health remedy, it is important to consider the vitamin and nutrient content of your whole diet for ideal results.

Eating foods high in omega fats and proteins have long been at the top of the list for men’s health. Studies have shown that eating almonds daily can help lower the risk of heart disease and even improve the body’s ability to rid itself of bad cholesterols. Healthy proteins, like turkey breast, are known for assisting in muscle building and for being high in B vitamins and zinc.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Despite marketing ploys, aromatherapy is not just for women! Men have actually heavily influenced holistic aromatherapy since its introduction. The term aromatherapy was actually coined in the early 20th century by a French male chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé. The use of scents to curate an experience is extremely useful for both physical health and mental health. This simple holistic modality is one severely underused by men.

Using scented oils as aromatherapy tools have been around for generations. Science has shown the brain reacts to scents in various ways and the essential oil craze is set on a solid foundation of holistic uses. From adding blends to rollerball applicators to using diffusers - adding some oils to daily life can increase one’s quality of life and overall health. These potent preventative and therapeutic liquids are amazing holistic remedies to take the edge off everything from common irritations (colds, muscle aches, and stress) to mental health issues (PTSD, anxiety, and depression).

Essential Oils and Common Uses

  • Lavender: relaxing, rest, soothes minor burns

  • Mint: awakening, reinvigorating

  • Frankincense: promote cellular health, rejuvenate the skin

  • Tea Tree Oil: eases skin irritations, clears up acne, is antibacterial

  • Eucalyptus: relieves cold symptoms and nasal congestion

Breathwork, Body Movement, and Meditation

Using methods, not unlike that of yoga, pilates, and tai chi; intentional breathing and movement practices are holistic remedies that have shown endless anecdotal evidence. Positive responses, both in physical health and in mental health, have been noted by people who practice some type of breathwork and meditation routine. Using these techniques to deal with bouts of anxiety, depression, or confusion can be extremely helpful. In addition, the physical benefits of proper oxygenation and stretching go far beyond the immediate results.

There are many different types of yoga practices, often called flows, and a personalized routine can easily be created after consulting a certified trainer. A great place to build on your yoga practice is at home via virtual classes or at a local in-person studio. Yoga poses all work with varying breathing techniques developed specifically to attain optimal benefits. Regular yoga classes or even some pre-workout poses can prevent injuries, increase endurance, and even protect against heart disease.

Conscious connected breathwork can open the body, mind, and spirit to profound possibilities of healing, deep insight, and restoration by balancing the nervous system. By learning to use conscious connected breathing correctly, it is possible to rapidly oxygenate the body and create change in the body’s control system (autonomic nervous system). Breathwork is one of the most powerful holistic tools available for releasing stuck or stored emotions in your body.

Healing at The Haven at Pismo

Medical treatment at The Haven is combined with holistic practices to help you establish healing in both physical and mental health that lasts. To learn more about our holistic substance abuse treatment programs for men and women, call our team: 805.202.3440. Your reawakening begins today.