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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

4 More Reasons Online IOP is Better

Despite many of our society’s growing concerns with technology, this year especially, we have come to rely on our devices to connect us with others and serve an even greater role in our lives.

In truth, we may have surprised ourselves this year in our ability to battle with our technology and come out victorious. Many of us have likely had the experience of trying to sort out connectivity issues, learning how to set up a zoom call, or even to make the printer succumb to our will. 

Last month, we reviewed the newcomer on yet another technological frontier: Virtual IOP for addiction treatment.

We explored many of the benefits of a Virtual IOP program that is related to the length and frequency of meetings. Participants meet via zoom for 9-12 hours of therapy a week, be it an individual, group, or family sessions. This program framework allows for greater flexibility for participants, while still providing the needed structure and access to treatment providers during their crucial transition back to the community.

Today, we’ll take an even closer look at the benefits when treatment of this nature is delivered online.

You Can Stay Home

The best thing about a virtual IOP program is that you can participate right from the comfort of your own home. While we may be familiar with this phrase, and the “comforts of home,” let’s take a minute to unpack what that really means.

When you are at home in your own environment, the first benefit is that you know you will be comfortable. You have the option to choose where you’ll sit, where you’ll participate, and have the benefit of being within reach of your favorite blanket, a sweatshirt if it’s cold, and an environment, in general, that is particularly soothing to you.

When you’re in your own home and are not directly face-to-face with the others in your group you may feel more comfortable sharing when you are aided by the physical distance between you. You can also feel assured that there will be greater privacy and that you are not going to be seen walking into the treatment center.

Of course, there are many other intangible benefits of participating in recovery from home that plays out in the day-to-day activities of life as well as through the general idea that learning is better stored and recalled based on location. This means that you may be more able to access and implement what is discussed in session back into your everyday life when objects and places around your home serve as treatment reminders.

You Are Demonstrating Commitment to Your Recovery

Another important factor is that taking part in an IOP program that requires multiple hours of your time and attention a couple of times each week requires a certain level of commitment. In this case, your actions demonstrate your commitment. Because the brain has difficulty holding two opposing ideas at once, this sends an implicit message to your subconscious that you value the work that you are doing. In fact, this often leads to greater patient responsibility than for someone who is only engaged in treatment for one hour each week.

You Are Saving Time and Money

When compared to higher levels of care, like residential and partial hospitalization, IOP treatment is a lower-cost option, while still providing the structure and support needed for those who need it.

Virtual treatment also opens the door to those who cannot easily access standard treatment. It may be that you do not have a car or there is no reliable public transportation system available to you. Or, you may live in a rural area where quality treatment is not accessible.

Without having to drive across town, grabbing a meal in between sessions is as easy as taking a walk to the fridge. That said, you’re also saving money on your commute and have more time back in your day to invest in things that support your recovery lifestyle.

You Are Setting Yourself Up for Long-term Success

Through virtual treatment, you will become better accustomed to receiving support in a virtual environment and more prepared for today’s technological world.

In addition, because this is a more structured program and there are opportunities for both group and individual sessions, you have more opportunities to connect with others in the recovery community and establish relationships that will outlive your time in treatment. These relationships are also key to keeping you engaged and committed to the entirety of the treatment process. This, in turn, has shown to lead to better recovery outcomes.

Virtual IOP at The Haven

The Haven’s Virtual IOP program may be right for you if you have successfully completed a higher level of care, or if you’re looking for more support than what a traditional outpatient therapist may provide. You can take part in our program right from the comfort of your home and may be able to find all the support that you need, delivered right in your living room. 

Speak with one of our admissions representatives to learn more about if IOP is the next right step for you!