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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Call Before You Fall in Recovery

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When you leave a center for addiction recovery, you must establish yourself in a support group in your area. Introduce yourself to people in the meeting right from the start to begin building a network of trusted allies. Be on the lookout for a sponsor or someone to guide you on the path toward progress.

It’s essential to make a list of phone numbers of people you can call besides your sponsor or recovery mentor. Keep that list with you wherever you go to ensure you have a lifeline should problems arise. Such contacts will prove to be invaluable in early recovery and beyond.

It helps to be discerning when taking the phone numbers of your peers. Make sure that your contact list is comprised of only people who are committed to long-term recovery. In early recovery, your list should include members of the community of the same gender.

When you get a sponsor, he or she will instruct you to call every day whether you are having a problem or not. Such calls will get you in the practice of picking up the phone before you fall. Triggers and cravings are a part of early recovery; you will experience them from time to time. Knowing how to reach out before such temptations take a life of their own is essential.

No matter where you are or the time of day, you can rest assured that someone will pick up the phone. If you are struggling, then they will help you work out the issue without having to succumb to temptations to use.

Call Your Peers When You Have Cravings

Getting in the habit of calling members of your support network when times are good will make it easier to reach out in times of need. Make a point of phoning your sponsor and at least one other member of the recovery community every day. In time, the practice will be second nature instead of a tedious chore.

Each person in early recovery can count on finding themselves at risk of relapse in the first year. Fostering relationships and talking regularly with your support peers is a vital tool for preventing a return to use.

There will be days when you will feel like isolating and keeping to yourself; you may not feel like talking on the phone or attending a meeting. Please resist the temptation to forgo reaching out.

Long-term addiction recovery is only achievable by working together with others and establishing routines. Daily calls to your peers are one of the most beneficial habits you can develop. Call before you fall is a saying that you should memorize and a vital practice to adopt. You have the ability to protect your progress no matter the obstacles. It’s much easier to call for help before a relapse than it is after.

Do you have a list of contacts who you can rely on in times of need? If not, please begin getting phone numbers right away. Your recovery could depend on having the ability to reach out for support, day or night quickly.

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