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Friday, July 26, 2019

Motivation is Central to Addiction Recovery

Addiction treatment professionals regularly stress the importance of motivation. Clients learn from them that working a program is not a cure for the disease, but instead a means for managing one's illness in a healthy way. They learn that if goals are to be achieved, both personal and professional, it requires significant effort.

Those who believe that they can detox, attend a few meetings to get the basics, and then carry on with their lives in a similar manner as before, are guaranteed to experience problems. No, recovery is a life-long endeavor that demands a daily commitment to safeguard mental health.

The goal is to lead a life in long-term recovery, to live without relying on drugs and alcohol to function. This means taking action each day to foster continued well-being to ensure you do not slip back into old modes of thinking.

Keeping your focus on sobriety and putting recovery first isn't always a simple task. There will be times when you just flat out won't want to do the Work. To escape your responsibility to recovery, you might start rationalizing the reasons why it's alright to skip a meeting or neglect calling your support network to "check-in." It's common, but it's also the disease exerting power over your life. In a sense, it is a reversion back to your default setting; the idea that you have your condition under control.

After weeks, months, and years of putting recovery first, you may find yourself becoming comfortable in your sobriety. In the process, your motivation to attend meetings, be of service, and reach out to the newcomers might subside. That is complacency, and it's a pathway to relapse.

Motivation is Central to Recovery

Maybe you have been neglecting your program of late? Perhaps you are feeling less motivated to continue putting the needs of your sobriety before all else? If so, then please know that it's not unnatural. However, actions must be taken to address why you are feeling less motivated and how you can go about getting back into the flow of recovery.

One of the best methods for becoming more motivated about recovery is to remember why you are clean and sober in the first place. Nobody finds themselves working a program by accident. Chances are you did everything you could to use drugs and alcohol like a "normal" person before finally surrendering. Reflecting on the pain and heartache that active addiction brought you can be a powerful motivator for revamping your commitment to sobriety.

Over time, people in the program are apt to forget how bad life was before seeking help. The human mind has a propensity to place more emphasis on remembering only the good. You may find it helpful to write down what your life was like before recovery. Review your writing with a peer or sponsor, ask them for feedback. Ask about what they do to keep their eye on the program.

The above exercise is likely to be a quick reminder of why continued participation in the program is necessary. Remembering the despair can give you perspective, and your peers will help you to see the big picture again.

A Support Network is Motivating

Now that you have looked through the window of your past, you can again focus on the present. Spend some time reflecting on all the progress you have made. Think of the ways your life has changed because of recovery. Please also consider that none of what you find in your life today would've been possible without your peers.

Long-term recovery and progress are made possible when people work together to achieve common goals. You have allies, people who care about your well-being and who want to see you succeed. Draw from the energy of your support network; other people are a massive source of inspiration.

Tapping into the energy of your support group is motivating. Redirect that force back into your program. It will likely cause you to get back into the full swing of recovery, and back on the road to achieving your greater goals.

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