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Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Resolution for Addiction Recovery

addiction recovery
Just about everyone sets New Year's resolutions they hope to keep. Some plan to make 2019 the year they start exercising or eating healthier. Others might strive to read more and watch less television. There are those too who intend to give up cigarettes finally.

The goals mentioned above are achievable, and some people will manage to adhere to the changes. However, there exist objectives that are exponentially more difficult to meet, at least on one's own. Addiction recovery falls into that category.

Millions of Americans would like nothing more than to overcome substance use disorder and embrace recovery. While such targets are possible to hit, success often rests on surrendering and asking for assistance. Addiction recovery is a life-changing experience, one that demands a person change just about everything. Such a monumental endeavor proves too much for self-will alone; after all, self-will run riot is what often brings people living in the grips of addiction to their knees. Fighting fire with fire is not an effective means of healing.

No, outside assistance is what's needed for achieving lasting addiction recovery, most typically. Use disorders are debilitating mental health conditions that men and women are unlikely to recover from if they refuse to reach out. Which is why it is vital to seek the aid of an addiction treatment center that provides a full continuum of care.

A Year to Recover

If you are living with addiction or with a co-occurring mental health disorder, The Haven understands how challenging it can be to surrender and accept that you require help. One of the terrible paradoxes of mental illness is that people affected have a way of convincing themselves they can manage on their own. They come to believe that seeking assistance is an admission of failure or evidence of weakness. The truth is something altogether different!

Men and women living with addiction are never stronger than when they come to terms with the fact that their illness will bring nothing but disaster. Those who are willing to open their heart and mind to a new way of living position themselves for realizing their most significant achievements.

Social stigma has a way of encouraging persons living with mental illness to hide their disease. Shame silences those who are most in need of a voice. Such people believe that asking for help will "out" their issues to the world; and, no one will ever look at them the same if the truth comes to the surface.

Fortunately, tens of millions of Americans have faced societal stigmas head on and lived to talk about it. Those very same people commit daily to making the next right move for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. They are living testaments to the potential of recovery and the gifts that come to those who chart a course toward progress.

Addiction Recovery With The Haven

If you are one of the millions of people struggling with addiction, we are hopeful that you will make recovery your resolution. We are confident that making the decision to seek help will be the most important choice you ever make; and, with the right assistance lasting recovery is within reach.

At The Haven, we work closely with each client to create a recovery and treatment experience that meets each person's unique needs. Together, we can help you rebuild your life and restore hope. Please contact us today to learn more about how 2019 can be the year you make lasting changes for the better.

The Haven at Pismo would like to wish everyone a safe and sober New Year's Eve and a productive New Year.