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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ideas for Sober Holiday Fun

sober holiday fun
Tis the season for sober holiday fun! Here’s a little reminder of all of the festive, wholesome and sober ways you can enjoy the holiday season:
  • Have a cookie baking and decorating night. Ask some friends over for a night of baking. Have everyone bring their favorite cookie recipe and decorating supplies. You can even make it a friendly competition and offer a small gift for the winning chef.
  • Go see a show. Whether it’s a local production of “A Christmas Carol” or “The Nutcracker” or a holiday music concert, this is the perfect time of year to unwind and enjoy a holiday-inspired performance. Get in the spirit and lose yourself in the storyline for a few hours.
  • Make a date at the movies. Grab a sober friend and head to the movie theater. There are so many new movies released this time of year! Another option is to stay home, make some popcorn and rent some holiday classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “White Christmas.”
  • Take a leisurely drive. Turn on some holiday music and drive around your neighbor to check out all of the fun and festive lights and decorations.
  • Get moving together. Bundle up and gather some friends for a game of flag football or a scenic hike. Or scout out some places (indoor or outdoor) to go ice skating.
  • Give back. The concept of giving back is an important part of recovery – and what better time of year to help out at local shelter or organize a food drive.
  • Plan a sober party. If attending parties where alcohol will be plentiful is too risky, why not plan your own party with sober friends and family? Keep costs down by making it a potluck. Put on some music, play games and have a white elephant gift exchange.
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