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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

5 Forms of Active Meditation to Strengthen Your Recovery

active meditationDoes the idea of sitting still, closing your eyes and meditating make you feel uncomfortable? If so, take heart. You can still reap the many recovery benefits of meditation, including less stress, better emotional control, more energy and motivation and improved sleep. Start by trying one of these active approaches today: 
  1. Journaling. Making journaling a daily activity – when you wake up and before bedtime – is a great way to check in with your inner dialogue as you observe and express your thoughts and feelings without judgment. 
  2. Coloring. Adult coloring books are all the rage and for good reason. Coloring is a great way to relax, find peace and quiet your mind as you learn to focus on the present. Find a quiet place – inside or outside – and take 10 minutes to get absorbed in the vibrant colors and designs. 
  3. Yoga. Similar to meditation, yoga brings balance to the mind and body. It teaches you to become acutely aware of your breath and physical sensations while letting go of any mental clutter. 
  4. Cooking. It’s more than a hobby, but an act of self-care. Beyond nourishing your body and mind, cooking healthy foods can help keep the brain occupied and teach you the art of staying in the moment. 
  5. Walking. Walking meditation can be just as powerful as sitting meditation and it doesn’t matter if it’s formal or informal, as long as it helps you bring greater awareness to this everyday activity.
Nurturing Your Mind, Body and Spirit
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