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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Combating Stress in Recovery

The Haven at Pismo hopes that everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July and that you managed to find some shade during this blisteringly hot week. Major holidays are also notoriously difficult for people in recovery, especially for individuals in their first year. So, if you were able to get from one side of Independence Day to the other without picking up a drink or drug, you have accomplished a remarkable feat!

During every holiday, there are always some who find themselves unable to stay the course. If you struggled yesterday and had an unfortunate relapse, please recommit to your program of recovery immediately. Relapse is a part of many people’s story, but it doesn’t need to be the end of recovery. One of the reasons that relapse occurs more frequently on celebratory days of the year is the stress that accompanies holidays. If one’s program isn’t active and healthy, it can be easy to fall victim to temptation and craving. It’s always vital to stay close to your support network on days that disrupt the usual routine of life. Again, if you slipped up on the 4th of July, please get to a meeting as soon as possible and begin the process of rising from the troubling experience.

It is beneficial to look at significant holidays as a reminder of how fragile recovery is, and why it is so important to remain ever vigilant. Each day, individuals working a program must take measures to ensure they keep their level of stress to a minimum. There are many ways to accomplish stress mitigation, all of which can prove especially useful if you are one of the millions of Americans contending with the blistering heat of late.

Stress Isn’t Good for Recovery

In recovery, most people strive for serenity. Affecting change whenever possible and accepting the aspects of one’s life that you have no control over is of the utmost importance. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves—throughout the day—of that which we have no power over; doing so is a valuable tool for staying grounded in recovery. We must do everything we can to remain calm and collected, doing so allows you to stay focused on your priorities. Below you will find several methods that can help keep your stress in check, and by default, avoid certain pitfalls.  

Prioritize Sleep: Getting enough rest is paramount to any program of recovery. Staying away from caffeine in the evening and engaging only in activities that have a calming effect on you is crucial. Prayer and meditation in the evening can help relax your mind and prepare you for repose. Instead of watching television, perhaps you can read a few pages of a book before bed. Establishing a bedtime routine will help you develop a sleep schedule. In time, falling asleep and staying asleep will prove to make you significantly more comfortable. The more rested you are, the less stress you will have throughout the day.  

Physical Activity: Making a point each day to do some form of exercise will promote good physical and mental health. When you feel better physically, it pays off mentally. This time of year, swimming is an excellent way to make you more relaxed, and right now it will undoubtedly keep you cool. So, if you discover yourself experiencing more stress than usual, find somewhere to take a dip. It is worth noting that studies indicate that those who exercise regularly sleep better.  

Share Your Feelings: One of the pillars of recovery is opening up to others about both good and bad aspects of your life. When a person struggles with a problem, they typically feel better after getting it off their chest. Today, you have a support network of men and women who share similar goals with you; if you are stressed out, talk to your peers about your feelings. More times than not, you will receive useful feedback for overcoming an issue you face. Remember, you are not alone in recovery.


Addiction Treatment

If drugs and alcohol negatively impact your life, it is possible that you meet the criteria for a use disorder. Recovery is possible, and The Haven at Pismo can equip you with the tools for coping with life without mind-altering substances. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you break the cycle of addiction and give you the skills for achieving lasting recovery.