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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Your Spring Recovery To-Do List

Springtime is full of fun and sober activities that can help your recovery and overall health. Here are a few good ones to add to your recovery to-do list this season.
spring recovery to-dos
  • Start your day with a morning walk or jog. When you exercise outdoors you get the mental health benefits of the physical activity itself as well as nature. Whether you choose to walk or jog – or a combination of both – adding outdoor exercise to your spring recovery routine is a great way to fend off stress, be more upbeat and heal your physical and mental self from past trauma. 
  • Plant a garden. Not only is gardening a great form of physical exercise – one hour is equivalent to roughly 35 minutes of jogging – but it’s also a great mental workout. And you don’t even need a green thumb to reap the recovery benefits, which include more patience, persistence and better planning.
  • Head to your farmer’s market. Stock up on spring produce – asparagus, fava beans, strawberries – to fuel your brain and body for the hard work of recovery. And while you’re there, why not treat yourself to some beautiful fresh flowers or herbs to spice up your cooking.
  • Go for a hike. There’s nothing quite like an afternoon with Mother Nature to reduce your mind’s propensity to “ruminate” — or focus on negative, self-focused patterns linked with anxiety and depression. 
  • Read under a tree. Building a better sober life means finding activities that keep your mind busy and strong and a good book can certainly do that and more. Reading has been linked to many recovery benefits, including better sleep and less stress.
  • Spring clean your mental cobwebs. It’s the perfect season to open the windows, let the sun shine in and let go of all of those negative thoughts and worries cluttering your mind. You can start by jotting down three things you can do today to free up your mental space. 
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