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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

National Recovery Month: Benefits of Sharing Your Story

This year, the theme of National Recovery Month is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities” – and all month long, the organization has been inviting individuals in recovery and their family members to share their personal recovery stories. 

Whether you choose to share your personal story in a group meeting, one on one with a close friend or family member, on social media, in the form of a blog or via the “Voices for Recovery” section on Recoverymonth.gov – the benefits of telling your recovery tale are plentiful. For one, it’s perhaps the best thing you can do to stop stigma and spread awareness – and it can help your own recovery, too. 

Here’s how: 
  • You’ll remember why you've worked so hard to stay sober. Talking about the details of the past is perhaps the perfect reminder of how terrible you felt and the bad things that happened due to addiction. 
  • You’ll feel less alone. Sharing your story will help you feel part of the addiction recovery community and open the doors for meeting others who can help support you along your journey.
  • You’ll boost your confidence. Taking the time to articulate your recovery journey can help reinforce how hard you’ve worked, how far you’ve come and how strong you are. This will also help keep you motivated to remain sober. 
  • You’ll potentially help someone else. Being visible and letting others know your recovery story may just help someone imagine him or herself in recovery, too.
  • You’ll feel lighter and freer. Telling your story opens you up to more support and emotional feedback that can help you move past any negative emotions, like shame or embarrassment. Many people in recovery say they feel a bit lighter and freer each time they share their recovery story. 
Start Your Personal Recovery Journey
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5 Holistic Therapies You'll Experience in Rehab

When used in conjunction with traditional addiction treatment, holistic therapies have been proved to be very effective in addressing both the physical and psychological impact of addiction. In fact, alternative treatments are becoming more mainstream, helping those struggling with substance use disorders to develop the necessary skills for lasting sobriety. 

Here’s a look at a few holistic therapies that you might experience during rehab – and why they can work for you: 
  • Equine therapy: Spending time with horses has been used for centuries to treat a variety of medical conditions, including addiction. Horses have been found to help clients recovering from substance use disorders to build relationships, develop rapport, communicate trust and learn healthy boundaries. Horses can also teach clients to be gentle and kind with themselves and with others.
  • Art therapy: Art therapy has become an integral part of the counseling and support services in many addiction centers. By drawing, painting and using other creative media like sculpture, clients learn to increase self-awareness and express emotions (both conscious and unconscious) about addiction and recovery – and even the meaning of life.
  • Adventure therapy: Adventure therapy encourages patients to use recovery tools to complete a team task, achieve a fitness goal or overcome adversity. Whether surfing, kayaking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing or rappelling, adventure therapy helps clients move beyond their comfort zone to achieve better self-understanding, self-confidence and self-esteem. The healing power of nature also helps tame anxiety and stress.
  • Hypnotherapy: Especially helpful for clients dealing with buried resentment, fear, regret, jealous or anger, addiction professionals use hypnosis to delve into the root of a client’s addiction. Some of its many benefits include the ability to treat trauma, resolve self-sabotaging thoughts, correct destructive habits and bring about behavioral changes that align with sobriety goals.  
  • Sound therapy: This cutting-edge alternative therapy works at a cellular level to initiate healing. Sound therapy uses vibrations played at varying pitches and intervals to help improve chi, release negative emotions, alleviate pain and stress and balance the mind, body and spirit. It’s also helpful for clients who struggle with the practice of meditation, as the vibration provides a targeted focal point to distract from outside influences.
About Our Holistic Therapies 
The Haven at Pismo is set apart from other California addiction recovery facilities by our unique blend of multi-modal therapies. We believe that the most successful addiction treatment programs take into account the body, mind and spirit, which are all impacted by the disease of addiction. To learn more about our specialized treatments and customized holistic therapies, call today: 805-202-3440.