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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

4 Ways to Stay Sober in Difficult Situations

Learning how to stay sober in difficult situations is a skill that will serve you well in recovery. After all, life is full of unexpected events and triggers – whether an impromptu party, work event or family get-together – and these may be even more frequent during the summer months. 

The key is to be prepared and to always have a few stay-sober strategies in your pocket. Start with these four: 
  • Become a self-expert. In other words, work to figure out your individual triggers along with what coping mechanisms work best for you. Remember: This is a process -- and it’ll likely change depending on your stage of recovery. Keep a list and add to it as you think of new ways to cope. 
  • Make water your friend. It can be plain or sparkling or with lemon – whichever way allows you to stay hydrated, keep your hands busy and avoid awkward questions. Similarly, never allow someone to freshen up your drink. You should always be in charge of what you consume.
  • Seek support. No one expects you to walk alone on the path toward lasting sobriety. We all need someone to lean on, especially during early recovery. Ask a sober friend, sponsor or relative to be your party date or at least be on call if you need some extra reinforcement. 
  • Think about the positives. Remind yourself about all of the advantages of being sober. Here are a few: You’ll look better, feel better, have better relationships and live a fuller, healthier life! 
Aftercare Planning for Long-Term Recovery
At The Haven, we know that returning home after rehab can be a defining moment in your sobriety journey. That’s why we help our clients prepare for the transition by giving them tools and strategies to reduce the risk of relapse and stay on the sober course. To learn more, call today: 805-202-3440.