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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Clean Your Health

Spring-cleaning can be more than just organizing closets and washing windows. It’s also the perfect time to turn inward and focus on tasks that will benefit your mind, body and spirit. Try these tips to make this season a happy and healthy one! 
  • Pick in-season, local produce: Head to your local farmer’s market and stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables. They'll taste better and the prices will likely be better, too. 
  • Reorganize your pantry: Toss any high-sugar, refined and high-sodium content and start fresh with nuts, whole grains, dried fruits, beans, and other healthful staples.
  • Schedule screening and annual doc appointments: Spend some time this spring planning your wellness appointments for the year ahead. In addition to regular visits — dentist, annual physical, etc., — talk with your doctor about any necessary screenings or tests.
  • Switch up your exercise routine: Bored of the same old workout? Try a new yoga class or outdoor running route to get out of a rut and reenergize your exercise plan. Chores count, too, so get down and dirty and start gardening!  
  • Hit the outdoors. Whether you garden, take a hike or play frisbee in the park, vow to spend some extra time in the fresh air this season. 
  • Rein in stress this spring. Block off a specific time of the day to meditate each day.
  • Clear the cutter: Donate any gently used clothing or items that you no longer want or need. Bonus: Helping others improves your own happiness, according to research.
A Healthier You at The Haven
Unfortunately, most of our clients have neglected nutrition, exercise, and basic self-care while caught in the cycle of addiction or dual diagnosis. Take heart: Our trained addiction specialists can help you rebuild a healthful lifestyle. To learn more, call today: 805-202-3440.