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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

3 Reasons to Choose Medical Detox

The process of detoxification is a critical step in your journey toward recovery from substance abuse disorder – and going “cold turkey” isn’t the only option. In fact, numerous treatment facilities specialize in providing you with a safe and comfortable detox.

These programs not only help demystify the detox process, but they provide coping strategies to help you during this phase of recovery. Other benefits of medical detox include: 

Round-the-clock support. In contrast to going it alone, a medical detox provides 24/7 medical care and supervision. Without proper supervision, individuals trying to detox can experience serious and long-lasting physical and mental repercussions. For example, when stopping heavy alcohol consumption, there can be severe complications like dehydration, vomiting, and abnormal heart rhythms as well as a condition called delirium tremens.

A healing environment. In an inpatient setting, you're surrounded by an experienced and caring team of addiction specialist to help you better manage physical and mental withdrawal symptoms and start your journey toward a sober life. In addition, you are protected from stress factors that may serve as triggers. And an absence of stress lets you focus exclusively on getting and staying sober.

Personalized nutrition guidance. Alcohol and drug abuse can deplete your body of essential nutrients – thiamin, folic acid, and zinc, to name a few. During medical detox, you’ll have a team of specialists who can monitor vital stats and fuel your recovery with the right supplements.  

Medical Detox at Haven at Pismo
The goal of The Pines detox residence is to stabilize your physical health, cleanse your body of toxins, and lay the groundwork for long-term sobriety success. The road ahead of you will no doubt be difficult, but supervised detox provides the support, resources, and camaraderie you need to pursue a motivated, fruitful recovery. To learn more, call 805-202-3440.