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Friday, June 24, 2016

8 Warning Signs of Relapse

The road to recovery is far from a straight path; instead, there’s lots of curves and bumps and even backsliding or relapse. 

The most important thing to remember, however, is that you’re not a failure if you relapse – and, in fact, it’s pretty normal for patients in recovery to return to using. 

Up to 60 percent of people being treated for substance abuse will relapse within one year, according to the to the Journal of the American Medical Association — and, according to the National Center for Responsible Gambling, about 50% to 75% of problem gamblers resume the addictive behavior after attempting to quit.

So how can you tell if you’re slipping and need to grab on to those relapse prevention tools? Of course, it’s different for everyone, but here are some common signs that it’s time to reach out for help and support.  

You’re easily set off. Does everyone and everything seem to get on your nerves and make you angry or annoyed? This short fuse is a red flag for relapse.

You’re letting self-care and recovery tasks fall by the wayside. This may mean that you need to take some time to reinvest in your recovery. No matter how long you’ve been sober, becoming complacent is never a good sign.

You’re stressed to the max. Managing stress, without the crutch of your addiction, is essential for lasting recovery. If you’re drowning in worries, you’ll need to revisit some coping strategies that have worked well in the past.  

You’re ignoring triggers. You may even find yourself gravitating toward risky situations, like old haunts or around friends you used to use with.

You’re questioning the validity of your addiction. Wondering if you ever really had a problem? This is a slippery slope into addictive patterns.

You’re isolating yourself from the outside world. Doing so also means not surrounding yourself with the support system you need more than ever right now. 

You’re withdrawing from family, friends, and activities. In other words, you begin to shy away from the people and activities that once excited you. This is a sign of trouble.

You’re experiencing a sense of hopelessness and despair. These feelings may spark relapse and need to be addressed right away.  

Reaching Out for Help at The Haven
When you need to get back to basics or recover after a relapse, call our team of credentialed addiction specialists: 805-202-3440. Our proven continuum of care includes outpatient treatment for every phase of your addiction recovery journey.